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Welcome to my passion for embroidery: all designs are unique, original and hand embroidered by me. This website is new, so please be patient while we fix the little things.

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Although we would say that every embroiderer is an artist, there are some embroidery designers whose artistic skills cross the boundaries between stitching, drawing and painting. Taetia McEwen is one of those designers. Her skills in drawing and painting inform her designs and ensure that every single project she produces is a stunningly unique masterpiece.

Inspirations Studios

Taetia McEwen is an artist and an embroiderer who has an incredible talent for creating stunning, whimsical designs. Dream a Little is the latest in a series of bedside table lamps she has designed that are just as perfect for a child’s bedroom as they are for a cosy reading nook. Like her other, similar projects, Dream a Little Dream is filled with exquisite details. You could spend hours delighting at the expressions on the faces of the frogs or at the merry poses of the tiny insects dancing to the music. Taetia employs a range of fibres and stitches to create the scene and includes various techniques such as appliqué, ribbon embroidery and surface stitching to bring you as much joy in the making as there is in the finished product.

Inspirations Studios

Whether Taetia is stitching a story told through her gorgeous characters or making a statement of beauty through a stitched floral arrangement, there is always something to catch your eye. The creativity that Taetia brings to her designs, however, runs much deeper than solely the story telling or composition. What you may not realise is just how creative Taetia is in her choice of materials and techniques.

Inspirations Studios

This is a wonderful kit. The instructions are clearly written and include photos, which are very helpful. The designer is terrific to work with as we had to work out some details about the order before she shipped it to me. The kit was well packaged and arrived in perfect condition. I would highly recommend her shop.


Love love love!! I have only done a little bit so far but I’m extremely excited to see it done! The pattern is lively and the instructions very detailed and clear.


Wonderful design and great quality printed panel with very detailed and clear instructions. Very prompt and helpful service from Taetia - highly recommend this shop and its brilliant owner!


Taetia’s instructions are great. Her imagination and experience of embroidery is amazing. Highly recommend her patterns.


Cannot speak highly enough about this product. I now have 3 kits!!! So beautifully put together and great instructions. I can’t wait to finish my first one and get it onto a lamp.